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  1. Well, you have to make the most of what is there or don't watch at all remember, the preacher is addressing a wider audience which may contain some persons who would be comfortable with his style of relating. No matter the style isn't the word that counts anyway?
  2. Almost everytime I engage the media, there is something relating to Donald Trump. His tenure so far has been dogged by controversy after controversy. His supporters believe that the media is being unkind to him whilst his opponents believe that the seeming unfriendly media attention that has been directed to Trump is warranted. What is your take on this matter?
  3. Many church goers are subscribers to Facebook and it does not prevent them from going to, and being active in the church. The church is involved in fulfilling the spiritual need and Facebook allows for social. interction. I see no clash of needs here, therefore, I don't believe they should be a threat to each other.
  4. The debate continues. There are arguments on both sides of the coin as to whether Trump will be a better President than his predecessor or. that Obama would be the better man. Both Obama and Trump each have strong support on the matter. What is your belief?
  5. Why not! Politics is a governance issue. Some people believe that politics is corrupt but that's far from the truth, it's people that may corrupt politics. The Bible teaches us that God wants us to respect governance and governance come mainly through the politicians that have been put in place to rule over us at the local level because without governance down here there would probably be total anarchy. Would it be a bad thing for a Christian to be involved in governance? Couldn't that person bring a holier perspective to the process?
  6. If one is not careful it's somewhat easy for some people to sink into a state of depression. it's best not to mope around feeling sorry for yourself when things are not going your way. You just got to realize that just being down in the dumps will not help the situation. It's better to talk to God about your problem. and be active as much as you can to eliminate the stress, just try to take things as it might come.
  7. This is really sad news and I wish your friend a speedy recovery. This type of injury could have him laid up in the hospital probably for a number of months which could be a major disruption in his life. I will be praying that your friend will recover in a manner that he will be able to function in a manner that will render him to be very much productive one again.
  8. Yes, we should pray for the cancer sufferers. We may not have endured the pain and suffering that they have going through but we have a good idea of what they are feeling. I have a friend that is presently suffering from cancer and she complains about the constant pains that she is feeling and she says that her body has become immune to the painkillers that she usually take and if she can't find any alternative that may work, then I can imagine how much more difficult it will be for her. My prayer really goes out to her and all cancer sufferers. May God please relieve them of some of the pain and sufferings!
  9. I don't think that the Tv churches will influence people from going attending church. The ardent church will always make the effort to be present in the church as best as they can. Those people who may stay at home and watch the service are those who would only occasionally attend or don't attend at all. Services on Tv can reach out to some people just as if they had attended church and the Tv service is very useful to those people that may find it very difficult to attend because of circumstance beyond their control.
  10. I wonder if anyone would believe that China would take North Korea's statement of aggression seriously. We should all know by now that North Korea is more bark than bite. It has been this way for a long time so I don't believe that we should get all worked up when their leader makes these utterances.
  11. Yes, we should all pray for England and to a greater extent other nations around the world that are facing a high level of adversity. England has been having a lot of unpleasant events, terrorist attacks included. Pray that things will be able to get back to a state of calm without the fear of attacks and confrontation once again.
  12. In every aspect of our everyday life, there is the necessity for a for a leader to control the process.Therefore, there would also be a supreme leader, a leader above all leaders to oversee our overall existence. There are things that happen around us every day that we are not able to explain how it happens. I believe that there must be supreme being at the helm of these occurrences and that supreme being is the entity that we refer to as God.
  13. Where I am from It was once a must that we said grace when we were about to start eating. Our parents insisted on it and there would be hell to pay if we didn't say our grace at mealtime. Nowadays, I don't know if many parents are still teaching this form of reverence to their children because many of the children don't seem to aware of this practice or it could be that they have opted to not participate in that manner.
  14. It seems the boy's parents well to willing to get rid of him. Any caring and well-thinking parents would have certainly waited and insisted that the child is given a longer period to really confirm that he would not make it back. In less than half an hour they gave the consent to end his existence now that is normal behavior for most parents.
  15. I notice that many of the content providers are really promoting the gay agenda. It seems that they are trying to get gay relationships to be accepted as a normal everyday activity. These entities may profess how much they value Christianity but, in fact, don't really care about the Bibles stance on this matter. More and more they seeking to drive people into accepting this type of behavior. Probably they may be thinking that it could expand their viewership.
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