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  1. The debate continues. There are arguments on both sides of the coin as to whether Trump will be a better President than his predecessor or. that Obama would be the better man. Both Obama and Trump each have strong support on the matter. What is your belief?
  2. In every aspect of our everyday life, there is the necessity for a for a leader to control the process.Therefore, there would also be a supreme leader, a leader above all leaders to oversee our overall existence. There are things that happen around us every day that we are not able to explain how it happens. I believe that there must be supreme being at the helm of these occurrences and that supreme being is the entity that we refer to as God.
  3. I have always wondered about this "turn the other cheek" statement. Maybe it wasn't meant to be for the physical situation but if could have meant that if people set out to wrongfully persecute you should not try to repay in like terms but you should let God work it out. I don't know, I am just seeking to establish a justification for the statement because it couldn't be that one would be told to just allow someone to unduly do physical harm to them. That to me would be almost like committing suicide in some instances
  4. I am not discounting tithe but I am wondering as to what means is it going modern times. In many cases, In many instances, don't know if it's going towards the intended purposes as it was supposed to be at the beginning. I believe that an account should be given for the use of the collections. Many churches have very good outreach programs but there are some that we don't know if they are lending that caring and helping hand to the needy. There are even some church organizations in which leaders are soliciting money to buy expensive homes and jets and there is where the tithes should definitely be directed towards.
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