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  1. We honor you and your fellow soldiers as our great hero of all times.
  2. That may be true and noble. I admire them for that. Let's just hope that Christians don't get beheaded first by the more violent extremists.
  3. Compelling political satire. Steven Crowder has nailed the coffin again. Europe has turned its back from their hard-fought nation for freedom braved by their forefathers, Winston Churchill and the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher to win back its sovereignty and freedom. They knew and fought against "the greatest threat our nation and the world: Islamism." Europe is overcome with the open border ideology and now do not have any idea what to do with the rapes, crimes and animal acts these Islamic radicalized immigrants terrorizing all over Europe. That's the modern-day problem Europe is facing. Stop the political correctness BS and it's about time they address their open borders crisis!
  4. I know this post is only satire. But I'm not sure what The Babylon Bee had in mind to write falsehood in an attempt at political/religious satire. But the White House, the real thing, thinks it's about time to make known to all America the Constitution in protecting and promoting free speech and religious liberty. That covers including "shaking of hands among among church" congregations and expressions of political views on the side over a cuppa after church, I may add. Thanks. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/05/04/presidential-executive-order-promoting-free-speech-and-religious-liberty
  5. The recent very sad news about Otto's death has caused good Americans so much grief. We, in the Christian community, extend our deepest prayers and love to his parents.
  6. Praise God that his life has been spared. His safe return to the US, to his parents and friends is America's and the world's praiseworthy news. It was heart breaking news when I first heard about Otto's captivity last year. USA is very glad for having Otto back again.
  7. I refuse to speak for everyone. But I understand your zeal and your deep love and passion for the Word of God. In my opinion, do you think it matters to God so much that the "unlearned" reads the KJV translation of the Hebrew Scripture? Do you think it matters to God that the new convert--"babe in Christ" should plunge into his/her study of the precious words of God in a language, so archaic, translated in KJV? I imagine that this little child of God would be like reading Greek or Latinized Greek written in Shakespearean tone or tongue. And would give up in frustration and leave God altogether. Because his/her reasoning is, "I can't understand God. He's so vague in what He's saying." I believe that God sees this new child into His Kingdom so important and so loved that He wants this precious child to understand Him clearly as a little baby would respond to his sweet, loving, soft-spoken mother. Please do not be disheartened. Keep sharing. We, as mature in the faith understand your passion for the word of God. Thank you. And much love to you, @Calvarystudy
  8. I know. I was thinking about that reasoning, as well. But Macron isn't. How can a newly elected leader of France not see the implications of having the Liberals into his country (doesn't his country have enough troubles with the influx of immigration already?): the Antifa, BLM, Feminist movement, SJW... and more that I refuse to mention about. Or maybe he was just taunting the US President at the expense of his own exposure of his colossal idiocy. There's a name for that. The Bible describes of this kind of person in Proverbs that warns us against.
  9. Remember when liberal Hollywood celebrities openly sworn to emigrate to Canada if candidate Trump won? And if Canadians would want them? He's the President now and they're still in the United States. Well, good news! The President Emmanuel Macron of France announced on Thursday, 2nd of June that he's offering France a homeland for U.S. Liberals documenting them with refugee status. Macron took pity on them because they've been so devastated and upset that their world is crumbling upon them when President Donald Trump withdrew America from Paris Climate Change Accord. Paris and the participanting countries in the Accord should urgently think up how they could regain back that Obama-pledged $3 billions every year into the Paris Accord Funds. Of course, invite U.S. Liberals to be granted Refugee Status, according to Macron, with open arms and make France their new homeland. Build their homes there. Build Hollywood and pay their taxes to France, somehow to compensate for the lost of $3 billion U.S. tax-payers money. http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/f...-u-s-liberals/
  10. This has caught my attention, particularly. Yes, I had wondered,as well, "why the ring on hte nose"? I checked it out with my "The Chumash" (Hebrew Scripture of the Torah and Commentary): Abraham asked his most trusted servant to seek out a wife for Isaac "from the daughters of the Canaanites." Abraham overlooked the idol worship practices of the Canaanites because Abraham's family in Charan (Haran) worhipped idols. Anyway, jewelry was part of women's ornaments. They could have had piercings on the face (nose, eyebrows, lips,) and ears on any part or parts of the outer earlobe. Very interesting.
  11. Hilariously insane! 😂 yeah, I heard about these cranium-muscle deprived humans rant about their opposition to climate change 'deniers'. Let them whine and look ridiculous. We, on the right are having a ball laughing at their colossal foolishness and endless hysteria. LOL!
  12. I watched the President's address to the world at the White House on his decision to pull America out of this global climate change hoax. Up until I read some journals, studies and reports that are fully evidence-based by science, I completely agree and understand President Trump's decision. And he said it so without apology. Other political analysts and satirists are talking about it. I am, too. Are you happy (or sad, liberals are devastated) about America's withdrawal from the Paris Accord? I picked Laura Ingraham's website to share: http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/t...-paris-accord/
  13. I really do not understand. I'm a bit technologically unlearned (P Incorrect for "technologically challenged :o). But what you're saying sounds good to me. I can trust you for the safety and privacy of my account in this great forum. Thanks for your hard work. You are making a wonderful difference for the Christain community. God bless you!
  14. The suspects from FBI, CIA, and NSA have been subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee. It was confirmed that these people worked during Obama era officials: Susan Rice, John Brennan and Stephanie Power. Report here:https://youtu.be/_BUe4Sxrr4Q
  15. Ewwww! Sorry. I'm not trying to be condescending. My disgust came only with two letters to describe the whole situation. But I feel love and empathy for these precious life in these young people of what the future holds for them. This is what came to my mind: "Yahweh saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of man’s heart was continually only evil." Genesis 5:5. The days are evil as in the days of Noah.
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