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  1. I think you likewise missed my point totally. Again, we are talking past one another. Right, Japan has no issue because of its intolerance towards others! <sarcasm> Japan's policies are the equivalent to a Japanese KKK. Only a diverse nation such as ours has the issues that we are facing. Please tell me what happened to Americans in Japan during the World War? In my opinion there are others that are quite glaringly hypocritical in their criticism of America. Don't get me wrong. I actually agree with Japan on these issues. If it were up to me voting would be returned to only property owners. And to be a property owner I strongly believe one ought be an American citizen. Has little to do with gender, that is my view, but it has more to do with invested interest. As far as relinquishing any citizenship to any other country wasn't that my point which you call a rabbit hole? I'm all for many of the policies held by Japan today. I like its position on illegals, immigrants, and refugees. Forget political correctness! However, I agree with you in that Japan doesn't call itself a Christian nation. Could you imagine all the criticism and the standard of morality Japanese would be subjected to by critics? You guys don't want that! After all ya'll make "wonderful" Japanese cartoon porn and even make the "best" sex robots. No criticism here because the moral bar is non existent. My point is that a Christian nation will have the struggles that only a Christian nation has. For example: Church A says, we have a problem of division within our congregation. The Whites, Blacks, and Asians keep to themselves. Church B says, we don't have that problem. We are an Asian only church.
  2. American Christians today reject the rights of LGBT~Q and unborn children the right to life while denying women the right to murder them. Is the inconsistent position perhaps due to a broad definition of Christian? American slavery, the Liberal/Democrat party is the party of pro-slavery, responsible for later Jim Crow laws and the KKK. Lots of people twisted Scripture in order to justify racial slavery while at the same time American Christians led the Abolitionist movement to abolish slavery. Nothing really has improved except for the Liberal/Dem tactic which has been so developed it now has minorities wanting segregation and economic enslavement by forfeiting rights and freedom in return of social welfare benefits which confine them to Ghettos just like "indigenous tribes" are self-confined today in Federal reservations. Indentured slavery has returned, a peoples are returning to bondage. The lack of rights for women is once again being championed by the Liberal/Dems because women are denied the right to abortion and say in what happens to their own body. LGBT~Q want the right to marry whoever, and Pedophiles want equal rights too. Christians are divided on these issues today. Lots of Christians use Scripture to justify equal rights for LGBT~Q, Pedophile, and even Polygamy. Lots of atrocities have been committed in Christ's name in the past and continue being done so. Lots of atrocities are committed in various other names of gods. But not everything was peaches and ice cream in America, before it was settled by Europeans there was cannibalism, headhunting and human sacrifice in North America. Of course the argument is that not all Indians participated in such. Perhaps "internment camps" should of been created until the wars were over? Lastly, in a time of conquer and conquest Indian tribes warred against other tribes, stole territorial lands, enslaved, and "treated" ill the conquered. Even in the American slave trade American slave traders purchased slaves from African tribes which conquered other African tribes and sold them off to slave traders. What I am stating is rather obvious, today slavery has been abolished but slavery continues and is worst than in the days of American slavery in the very areas of the world which too profited from American slavery. The only difference today is in "general" some want "white" Americans to be accountable and responsible for past actions while at the same time excusing the hypocrisy of the "conquered". Therefore, nothing has improved. ALLEN WEST: LBJ, "I’ll Have Those N*ggers Voting Democratic for the Next 200 Years" CLASHDAILY.COM On March 20, 1854 the Republican Party was established in Ripon, Wisconsin. Referred to as the GOP or Grand Old Party, it established for... 3 percent.... Just what was the percentage of Japanese which warred against America? That is, if we excluded pacifist and moderate Japanese? Today, we are facing war against Terrorism. Radicals, but what is the percentage of radical Muslims? If we exclude pacifist and moderate Muslims? Back to the people with Japanese heritage on American soil during an attack by the Japanese. How much damage, really, could 3% of say 120,000 which were put into internment camps do? Are we not facing the same issue today over illegal immigration? Aren't there camps now which people are being held until properly vetted? Likewise in our fight against Terrorism various departments of defense are finding and stopping "sleeper cells" on American soil. There's an estimated 22+ million illegal immigrants here now, what's 3%? I mean how many soldiers were responsible for the two attacks on American soil during Pearl Harbor or 911? Were the total numbers 3% of the Japanese population or the population of Islam? 19 terrorist were responsible for 911 on American soil. How many percent of the total population that identifies as Muslim do 19 men make up? Really, lets invite 12 men in our house knowing that 1 is of the Devil. How much damage could that 1 inflict upon our house? And I'm just curious, how "friendly, welcoming, and tolerant" are Japanese today to the likes of Islamic refuges etc? Is Japan taking in the mass amounts of people fleeing other countries? How diverse is Japan today? Are you a citizen of Japan? IF so what is your view as a Japanese citizen and Christian?
  3. For every reason except for the Japanese internment camps is why I believe one cannot be a Liberal/Democrat and Christian (we can define that later). The internment of Americans with Japanese heritage as far as I am aware were put into camps for their own safety. War was on our soil and to prevent "friendly fire" the camps served for protection. How would one distinguish between a Japanese solider (out of uniform) and Japanese-American? Obviously, cooperation for practical reasoning would be a good indicator. Rebellious Japanese may of been construed as having Japanese loyalty during the attack on American soil. Do you think such action was an atrocity? Note: I prefer to refer to those of any skin color as American if they are citizens I do not believe in hyphenating American. When We the People pledge an allegiance we are one nation. One of the problems we are facing today is cultural segregation. Segregation which is being aggravated by the Liberal/Dem party, working to not only confound our language but the ideology of America. Even our Constitutional Studies has been replaced with "Social Studies". The Constitution is not taught but some foreign tribes way of life is and promoted as equal and to be respected here. This really is an interesting topic for me because I have just moved from CA to Idaho from a Liberal/Dem state which segregates culture and even confines minority groups into Ghettos. Those that want to escape for financial reasoning are a concern to neighboring states because they bring their failed politics with them. Likewise, I'm sure you can understand the concern when a foreigner wants to obtain American citizenship but abolish our founding documents, replace our culture, and even change what has long been our most predominant religion. Reaganite Independent: Teddy Roosevelt: "No Room in This Country for Hyphenated Americans" REAGANITEREPUBLICANRESISTANCE.BLOGSPOT.COM Conservative News, Opinion, and Humor from the New Media Right
  4. G'day brother! America is founded on Christian principles and those principles are preserved in the historical documents. Tis why it is such an objective for the left to not only destroy history, alter, but rid of the founding documents. We are not a democracy but a republic. The Constitution preserves certain rights despite the majority vote. Anytime Liberalism infiltrates a church it has to rid of the congregations profession in Creeds and Confessions. In other words Liberalism broadly interprets and ultimately destroys any foundational text whether it be Creed and Confession, what they point to in Scripture, or even the Constitution of America. The church has been largely silent for decades, namely because of the Johnson amendment which states that non profit organizations cannot endorse a political candidate. With the churches silent they are no longer speaking to America's conscience in the arena of politics. Christians today are actually endorsing those hostile to Christianity. The thing about "cultural" Christianity, is despite salvation, there is a secondary benefit to bringing up someone in the word of God. I mean in the Old Testament an innocent animal had to die in our place as a temporary atonement for our sins. You'd figure after enough killing of innocent animals that a person might be convicted in conscience of sin. I'm merely speaking of secondary benefits here. Sin not only affects an individual, but family, community, and nation. Ya'd think with enough people inflicted by our sinful depravity that we'd develop a conscience conviction. But that's not happening, the left for example is entrenching its heels and boldly professing abortion, LGBT agendas etc! America is founded on Christian principles, but in the last decade depravity has accelerated. What is responsible? Perhaps the church allowing itself to be muzzled for money? Either way, we've lost our way, but like OT prophets that spoke to Israel and called for confession and repentance our churches should boldly speak out. The left will continue to attempt criminalizing our religious expression protected in the First amendment. Let's pray that we are not led to defending it by the 2nd amendment in the face of tyranny! Just expressing my thoughts, God bless, William
  5. I'm reading about cabinet finishing. Plan to refinish brand new cabinets with a modern rustic look. Looks like I'll be investing in an air compressor and paint gun. Though I was checking out very reasonably priced electric spray guns last night at Harbor Freight. Either way I definitely want the spray gun rather than brush strokes:
  6. Are those "signs" an indication of some future event that will begin "all of a sudden"? Or are those things being made manifest then and now and will continue until completion? The reason for my question is because a future event would have little relevancy for past generations "this generation" and the generation now but only a final future generation. Just seems to me that such theology plays on the uncertainty of God's sovereignty NOW. Why wouldn't the Scriptures be pertinent to all generations? In other words not a single generation shall pass, including the very generation Jesus was addressing which experienced the truth of His expression, the very generation whose cities were burned and destroyed, and whose temple and country was laid waste. There is no generation that is exempt from Christ's prophecy but the calamities of every generation serve to test the perseverance of the saints.
  7. Alright book club raise your hand if you're a heretic: U.S. Episcopal diocese votes to stop using masculine pronouns for God WWW.LIFESITENEWS.COM One delegate said that a Jewish name for God should be reinterpreted as 'God with breasts.'
  8. Every breath we take we ought know we are here by grace! Every morning I am amazed that God has not taken me throughout my sleep. I must be here for a reason, a calling, a station? Let's walk more worthily! Note: Our rules or TOS are meant to serve not only you but those around you as a community. I hope you find that they are nothing more than a common sense approach to what you'd already expect. Of course the common "sense" or the common ground we share is Christ Jesus. God bless and welcome to CF! William
  9. William


  10. The United Reformed Church of Nampa is in the growing community of Nampa, Idaho, just outside Boise in southern Idaho's Treasure Valley. United Reformed Church of Nampa 12693 W Orchard Ave, Nampa, Idaho 83651 (208) 466-4444
  11. I chuckled at this because not only am I a fan but I'm also a student of sarcasm.
  12. Visited this small Reformed church (13 members) over the weekend. My mother is Korean and prefers to belong to a Korean community church so when she visited we had to find a place of worship that taught sound theology. Having a Baptist background she agreed to visit a Reformed Presbyterian church because of the emphasis I placed upon Theology mattering. The church is waiting its new Pastor which will arrive in the month. I pray that the congregation grows and the Gospel spread and Christians educated through Reformed Theology. The members at the church were very welcoming. Bring an appetite because the best Korean lunch is served afterwards. The church's website really does need updating. Problem is among the membership nobody there knows how to create websites and those that do seemingly do not read or write Korean. I hope someone volunteers soon and creates a bi-lingual site which is more easily found on the web. There are tons of people moving to Idaho and I'm sure having a more current website would help in drawing more people to the church. However, I just want to say, I'd rather belong to a small church with a dozen close members than a ear tickling mega church and not really being close to any 1 or 2 people. If you're visiting Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, or Boise and you're Korean speaking and too believe theology matters then visit this small gem of a congregation in worshiping God on the Lord's day. She's a beautiful church!
  13. 930 N. Cloverdale Rd., Boise, ID 83713 Phone: (208) 322-8440
  14. If you think this is orthodox then pay attention to the rainbow sign in the message.
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