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  1. Arminianism is a more highly tuned and/or defined form of Semi-Pelagianism. Could say that Semi-Pelagianism finds its fulfillment in Arminianism whereas Augustinian theology finds its fulfillment in Calvinism.
  2. How many people after reading John 2's responses were under the impression that he was escalating the situation? I for one. Question now John are you editable or are you going to entrench your heels in and fight to be right from the fox hole ~ which goes back to Becky's observation. Clearly, you isolated yourself and applied her little comment to everyone else but yourself. I asked you for clarification but only after I wrote my response do you offer further clarification. And 1 Corinthians 11:18 is not a phenomenon but a necessity when we are warned that false Christs, Prophets, and Teachers are in our midst.
  3. We use Linux Centos for our Website here at Christforums. I think it was over 15 years or so ago that I first began using Linux as my home OS. Was just too inconvenient for me back then as even desktop icons were a luxury. I tried using Windows Server OS in the past for our web hosting needs, but the one thing I noted about Linux was the ability to not reboot the system when Windows required frequent rebooting. I no longer use Linux for my home OS but prefer Windows 10. It is a very transparent OS which allows me to perform tasks without having to learn an OS.
  4. This is why I do not recommend the KJV or Scofield to new converts which are more susceptible to horrible theology. In my mind the idea bible has no notes at first. I recommend a person reads through the entire bible cover to cover and jot down their questions along the way reserving questions for a later date. First reading of the bible should be familiarization of the text. After they complete the Bible and they present their questions to be answered they should formally be welcomed into Systematic Theology. Systematic Theology by a very brief definition is simply taking the entire bible and answering any given question. To me, this is absurd to answer any given question without being Systematic in mind (contrasting isolating verses). Needlessly said, Systematic Theology is what separates Reformed from everyone else and ultimately is behind Reformed theology. And you are right, Mike, the ESV fills most Reformed church pews (preference).
  5. I think we need a staff meeting and attend sensitivity training. And once a month we'll have diversity day for all those "unpopular" theologians. If I vote against someone in an election because I do not agree then I am casting stones. If someone suggests something immoral and I disagree then I am casting stones. Everyone wants to be a metaphorical martyr. Warning: Metaphorical sticks and stones may break out at any moment.
  6. What seems apparent to me is that you're trying to escalate a situation. I asked you for an example, because what came to mind is a general principle in theology that I hold to. If, in say 2000 years of church history I come up with an original interpretation from Scripture then it is most wise to abandon it. As far as Becky choosing a laughing emoticon I must admit that I kinda shook my head and smiled when reading this.
  7. Because it advocates objectionable theology. Most of what is wrong with American Christianity has roots in the Scofield Study Bible. The Scofield Study Bible, let alone the KJV were both serious departures from classical Reformed Protestant theology. Having mentioned the Gap Theory, Theo, that should raise red flags and bring to question the methods and principles of interpretation the Scofield study bible is utilizing (eisegesis). The KJV was influenced by the politics of its day and likewise, it comes as no surprise to me that the Gap Theory is shoe horned in the Scofield study bible and contains an appeal to another outside source of authority (science) by which to be influenced.
  8. For a scholar to prove they themselves are qualified, a lot of laymen expect scholars to be able to explain whatever to them like a 4 year old. If the scholars can't do that then they expose an apparent flaw in not necessarily the Hebrew or Greek, but the actual translation or bridge to common levels of English. Unfortunately, most layman don't take into account that there are various levels of laymen: idiot, imbecile, and moron. Do we need to be scholars to understand scholars? No, but we expect scholars to be capable of explaining to laymen. That is the mark of a good teacher.
  9. 5 statist positions that should make libertarians run from candidate Bill Weld WWW.CONSERVATIVEREVIEW.COM Not a libertarian. Just a RINO.
  10. The (R) is for RINO (Republican in name only), correct? I take that he also supports identity politics because he embraces an (R)? Like marriage, they want to redefine the Republican party. There really should be a copyright or trademark on the Republican name and only those belonging to the Republican party (qualified by the political platform) should have the right to use it.
  11. Just a few days old. Still working on it. My main concern was what from the forums might be automatically published on the front news page. For a thread to show up on the front news page there has to be at least 1 reply and it cannot be in either the news or eschatology forum categories. I personally think these two forum categories rather reflect negatively on Christianity and particularly this forum. Thank you for the feedback David!
  12. As far as I am aware anti-heresy laws did not result in condemnation for misunderstandings. The laws did wonders, however, for putting a stop to false teaching in evangelism. Hey look, a pile of Scofield Bibles!
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