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  1. William

    Where do you land?

    I agree, I think it shows how far a person's theology has come "if ever developed"!
  2. William

    Where do you land?

    The chart really shows the progression, development, and maturity of theology. Pelagianism being the most predominant theology of the natural man, which developed into Semi-Pelagianism through Catholicism. Arminianism is really a rebellion against Reformed theology having its roots in the Reformed churches. I think Arminianism is a more highly tuned form of Semi-Pelagianism but none the less is wrong and points back to Pelagianism <conditional election>. Reformed soteriology is biblically sound and conveys the true Gospel.
  3. Yup, I agree! The family nucleus has been under attack for sometime. The current societal narrative is to redefine marriage and that one or both parents or the child are expendable.
  4. I think you likewise missed my point totally. Again, we are talking past one another. Right, Japan has no issue because of its intolerance towards others! <sarcasm> Japan's policies are the equivalent to a Japanese KKK. Only a diverse nation such as ours has the issues that we are facing. Please tell me what happened to Americans in Japan during the World War? In my opinion there are others that are quite glaringly hypocritical in their criticism of America. Don't get me wrong. I actually agree with Japan on these issues. If it were up to me voting would be returned to only property owners. And to be a property owner I strongly believe one ought be an American citizen. Has little to do with gender, that is my view, but it has more to do with invested interest. As far as relinquishing any citizenship to any other country wasn't that my point which you call a rabbit hole? I'm all for many of the policies held by Japan today. I like its position on illegals, immigrants, and refugees. Forget political correctness! However, I agree with you in that Japan doesn't call itself a Christian nation. Could you imagine all the criticism and the standard of morality Japanese would be subjected to by critics? You guys don't want that! After all ya'll make "wonderful" Japanese cartoon porn and even make the "best" sex robots. No criticism here because the moral bar is non existent. My point is that a Christian nation will have the struggles that only a Christian nation has. For example: Church A says, we have a problem of division within our congregation. The Whites, Blacks, and Asians keep to themselves. Church B says, we don't have that problem. We are an Asian only church.
  5. American Christians today reject the rights of LGBT~Q and unborn children the right to life while denying women the right to murder them. Is the inconsistent position perhaps due to a broad definition of Christian? American slavery, the Liberal/Democrat party is the party of pro-slavery, responsible for later Jim Crow laws and the KKK. Lots of people twisted Scripture in order to justify racial slavery while at the same time American Christians led the Abolitionist movement to abolish slavery. Nothing really has improved except for the Liberal/Dem tactic which has been so developed it now has minorities wanting segregation and economic enslavement by forfeiting rights and freedom in return of social welfare benefits which confine them to Ghettos just like "indigenous tribes" are self-confined today in Federal reservations. Indentured slavery has returned, a peoples are returning to bondage. The lack of rights for women is once again being championed by the Liberal/Dems because women are denied the right to abortion and say in what happens to their own body. LGBT~Q want the right to marry whoever, and Pedophiles want equal rights too. Christians are divided on these issues today. Lots of Christians use Scripture to justify equal rights for LGBT~Q, Pedophile, and even Polygamy. Lots of atrocities have been committed in Christ's name in the past and continue being done so. Lots of atrocities are committed in various other names of gods. But not everything was peaches and ice cream in America, before it was settled by Europeans there was cannibalism, headhunting and human sacrifice in North America. Of course the argument is that not all Indians participated in such. Perhaps "internment camps" should of been created until the wars were over? Lastly, in a time of conquer and conquest Indian tribes warred against other tribes, stole territorial lands, enslaved, and "treated" ill the conquered. Even in the American slave trade American slave traders purchased slaves from African tribes which conquered other African tribes and sold them off to slave traders. What I am stating is rather obvious, today slavery has been abolished but slavery continues and is worst than in the days of American slavery in the very areas of the world which too profited from American slavery. The only difference today is in "general" some want "white" Americans to be accountable and responsible for past actions while at the same time excusing the hypocrisy of the "conquered". Therefore, nothing has improved. ALLEN WEST: LBJ, "I’ll Have Those N*ggers Voting Democratic for the Next 200 Years" CLASHDAILY.COM On March 20, 1854 the Republican Party was established in Ripon, Wisconsin. Referred to as the GOP or Grand Old Party, it established for... 3 percent.... Just what was the percentage of Japanese which warred against America? That is, if we excluded pacifist and moderate Japanese? Today, we are facing war against Terrorism. Radicals, but what is the percentage of radical Muslims? If we exclude pacifist and moderate Muslims? Back to the people with Japanese heritage on American soil during an attack by the Japanese. How much damage, really, could 3% of say 120,000 which were put into internment camps do? Are we not facing the same issue today over illegal immigration? Aren't there camps now which people are being held until properly vetted? Likewise in our fight against Terrorism various departments of defense are finding and stopping "sleeper cells" on American soil. There's an estimated 22+ million illegal immigrants here now, what's 3%? I mean how many soldiers were responsible for the two attacks on American soil during Pearl Harbor or 911? Were the total numbers 3% of the Japanese population or the population of Islam? 19 terrorist were responsible for 911 on American soil. How many percent of the total population that identifies as Muslim do 19 men make up? Really, lets invite 12 men in our house knowing that 1 is of the Devil. How much damage could that 1 inflict upon our house? And I'm just curious, how "friendly, welcoming, and tolerant" are Japanese today to the likes of Islamic refuges etc? Is Japan taking in the mass amounts of people fleeing other countries? How diverse is Japan today? Are you a citizen of Japan? IF so what is your view as a Japanese citizen and Christian?
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