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Praise for Answered Prayer

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I was a Baptist for all of my life, and had been taught that we should pray for those badly in need

of help from the Lord. But very little seemed to happen in answer to any of my prayers until I was

just past fifty years old. Did what happen then surprise me? It certainly did. More things sort of like this came to me

not long after this.This is what happened...


I was going down the road very early in the morning, one Sunday morning, and I prayed to the Lord,

and asked if there was something that I could do for him that day. I didn't really expect a direct answer,

but I guess I got one. Just as I finished my prayer I pulled up behind a small pickup truck going the

same direction I was, and there was also another car stopped coming from the other direction.

I got this like message in my mind, a string of thoughts. I was to pray for the driver of each of those

cars stopped with me at the light, pray for their personal safety, and for their salvation in Jesus Christ.

I didn't know where this answer was coming from, but in case it was from the Lord I figured I had better

do what I was told. I quickly prayed, and then the light was green and off we went. I followed the

little pickup for two or three blocks and then I heard something, and I saw the little truck swerve off

the road and slam into the bushes adjoining the road. It raised a lot of dust. I stopped and got out of my car.


He got out and ran over to me, and I asked if he was OK. He was, but his pickup was going nowhere.

He said it had a broken axle, and as we looked at the scene I could see that his pickup had missed

a fairly large tree by just a few inches, and hitting the bushes had not done him or the vehicle much

damage. Not compared to what would have happened had he hit that tree.


Neither of us had a cell phone, so he asked me to drive him to a service station, so

he could call his boss who owned the truck. I did so and I knew that I was supposed to

say something about the Lord, so I did. I told him that God had really looked out for him

that time, because he surely saw how close he had come to that tree. He said yes,

and he admitted that was all true. He looked a little funny when I mentioned God's name.

Then I brought him back to the scene and left him off there, wishing him a Good Luck.


Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and it blew my mind. Why did this

all happen? I have had years to think about all this, and I am wondering if he was

someone being pursued by God. Someone who was supposed to come into

his fold of believers. If this is true, then I pray that it all came about. Praise to Jesus.

This all happened about a year before my own near death, after which I learned to pray

for the healing of others who were close to death also. The Lord is wonderful

and merciful to us!





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Just Mike

2002, God is in control all the time and every time. You were where God wanted you to be at the very time he wanted you to be. Isn't that fantastic? Thanks so much for sharing that 20002.

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It all happened according to how He wanted it all to happen. God has the best timing!

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