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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.
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Years ago I was working as a cleaner in a shopping mall, life didn't seem to be going anywhere, and I started praying spontaneously in my head. " Jesus all my plans have gone to garbage, is there a plan, can you live in me a take over, can you plan my life "


That instant a woman came up to me and said " I've got to tell you something!! Jesus wants me to tell you something " She pushed me to the side of the mall and said " Jesus wants me to tell you that he loves you and he definitely has plan for your life, does this make sense ". And I said " Yeah, I was only just asking Jesus about this in my mind."


Ask Jesus, be sincere like he is a real person right there with you, and he answers.

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From there I realised that God existed for a certainty and Jesus loved me and had a plan for my life. I had to be reduced to a humble state and it made me pray from the heart to be sincere. At that moment I was talking to a real person not a 2d figure.

So I told a friend of mine what happened at the mall and how praying from deep in your heart works without any blockages.

He was very anxious to try this kind of prayer and addressing Jesus like he was standing there with him. He had many issues, and started asking Jesus for healing because his life was a mess. And he kept praying the " Jesus I trust in you " prayer.

He was sitting on his bed one night praying and he noticed the entire room had disappeared. He was in a place he had never seen. Then he felt a strong presence next him, so he turned to see who it was. It was Jesus looking at him and felt nothing but love. Jesus face looked as though water was in front of it. Jesus then showed him a very bad time in his life, and said " Come, we'll go together " so he followed Jesus into that experience it was like my friend was there again, experiencing the same thing, but Jesus then raised his hand, and the weight of the pain and grief fell off. Joy and lightness poured into him. Jesus then took him back through a number of bad experiences and did the same thing. Each time my friend felt lighter and bursting joy and relief.

Then Jesus showed my friend a very dark experience from the time he was about 5 and Jesus said " Come, I am with you " but my friend said he couldn't it was too terrifying. Jesus then turned and looked at him very sternly right in his face " You told me you trusted me " . My friend said later that it was very tough to have Jesus in your face looking at you like that.

So my friend followed Jesus into that early dark experience and Jesus raised his hand and a huge weight lifted off my friend followed by a joy and happiness that he had never been able to describe.

After, Jesus was then just looking at him happily and a door appeared and opened and as he started go towards the door, my friend said he heard the most beautiful voice that he knew was the Eternal Father " Welcome to your new life".

My friend found himself sitting back on his bed. I hadn't heard from him for about week after all this happened, he spent the week crying his eyes out.

He told me the whole thing, and I have to admit I felt a bit jealous that he got to have a live audience with Jesus and the Eternal Father, it totally upstaged my mall experience. But I was so much more happy for him to have been healed of a terrible past.


Anyway, so we called it the " get real " program jokingly, talking to Jesus like he is a real person next to you and being sincere in heart.

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Praying with real intention is one thing in theory, but sometimes we need to isolate from distraction, it's different for each person how they isolate however. I was isolated as a mall cleaner, walking around with an extended handle dustpan and brush, scrapping flattened gum off the floor with a scrapper, cleaning toilets and wondering where my life was heading.

I was back from the mines where money was a river and life was a thundering Jet Ski and adventures hunting and fishing. I ran exploration crews up to the down turn and budgets evaporated over night.

So I went back to the city where every other mining bloke was looking for work, and that's how I ended up as cleaner on $26 an hour. In that humbled state and embarrassed meeting people I had known, humbled me even more. So that's what kicked the ****ens out my ego enough to ask Jesus in prayer. " A humble and contrite heart you do not spurn" it's totally true.


Then I started asking Jesus to live in me and reign in me, to walk in my walking to work in my working, to do in my doing, to have power of attorney over everything. Then strange things seemed to happen, I was lead to places and people I would not ever associate with and I found myself really concerned with people. Life had real meaning, and bringing love and peace to people through allowing Jesus to use me each day.


This is how Jesus operates when you let him. One day a woman who worked in the mall sat down next me at the loading dock when I was having lunch. The conversation she steered to how she had left her husband because he was a dud and was now looking for a young man to have good sex with.

I said to Jesus I can't handle this you talk to her.

Then it happened, Jesus spoke through me, it's hard to explain. " Your husband, would he die for you " , she said " yes " , " would he suffer terribly for you and then die for you " and " yes " again. " He loves you more than any man in the world does".


She had a shocked look on her face and a bunch of other deep emotions that said the words had struck home. Jesus knows what words will work, I would have given her very different choice words.

A few days later on the weekend I was sweeping the floor and the woman ran up to me and kissed me on the cheek. " I'm back with my husband, thank you " and then I saw her go up to a bloke and hold his hand, I assume he was the husband.

Allowing Jesus to speak makes a big difference.

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You never know where you will be sent by Jesus each day, just allow him to guide you, by renouncing your will, and asking His Holy Will to Reign in you. Many believers hold back their human wills and volition, this is mere conformity, which means two wills are still operating. Whereas living in the Divine Will is uniformity, where the human will is completely absorbed by The Holy Divine Will.

Even if you are uneducated, Jesus will fit you with eloquence and whatever else you need, he will walk in your walking and speak in your speaking to the point of poetry to a sick world.

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God is good all the time! God is my protector, I trust Him for all my needs, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In all my 72+ years I have never gone so hungry I could faint, he has kept me mentally alert, able to speak, read, talk, move, and see. God has been with me in depression, grief, sadness, happiness. God has blessed me with the Holy Spirit living in me, blessed me with His Word, and never leaving me. There are not enough words to express how much love the Father has bestowed on my life. In other words I have had my socks blessed off.

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God is good all the time! God is my protector, I trust Him for all my needs, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In all my 72+ years I have never gone so hungry I could faint, he has kept me mentally alert, able to speak, read, talk, move, and see. God has been with me in depression, grief, sadness, happiness. God has blessed me with the Holy Spirit living in me, blessed me with His Word, and never leaving me. There are not enough words to express how much love the Father has bestowed on my life. In other words I have had my socks blessed off.


Praise Jesus.


Many think of The Father in some kind of harsh Old Testament way, it's totally not the case. The Eternal Father is the most loving of Fathers, He is so gentle He is easy to miss throughout our busy day.

Desire to rest in his arms when things seem bleak and He will care for you as you sleep, when worldly cares and distraction fall away and the space between the Lord and soul is not so far.



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Sometimes Jesus just wants your 'yes' in a situation. When you are presented with a situation in life that you can choose two coarses, and the path you least want take has valid reasons to follow, but there are valid reasons for the other coarse.

Choose the harder coarse on the proviso to the Lord that it is His Will, and many times that door will close and the situation be completely resolved.


Sometimes Jesus wants you to suffer for someone. I remember one night having the overwhelming feeling of wanting go straight outside and hang myself from the closest tree. It was a terrible night of suffering with no sleep and just desperate darkness.

The next day I got talking to a bloke at the loading dock who eventually told me that last night he had the overwhelming temptation to " go outside to the nearest tree and hang myself ". I told him that I suffered his pain all night and that I loved him and Jesus loved him. I asked Jesus to bless and protect him and drive out the darkness, and Jesus just wants to hold you and love you.

Jesus Name is above all other names and I told him to call on Jesus and ask Him to live in him. Jesus healed him right there through a lot of tears, and he felt the love Jesus. Jesus is the Light, Jesus drives darkness far away, just call His Holy Name.


Sometimes Jesus will bring the most nasty characters to your attention, they'll do something that gets you angry. But don't get upset, just realise this is just prompting you to pray for them.

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The same friend who was healed by Jesus, was driving down the highway. He had been praying a lot for people and wasn't seeing the results. He said to God a bit angry " I want to see the fruit of my prayers ". Right then and orchard truck lost a stack of plum trays ahead and the windscreen was covered in busted fruit.


Its not acting in faith if we must always see the results of our prayers, this is where we mature in trust of Jesus.



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