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3 Christian Responses to the First Presidential Debate

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I picked a terrible year to become politically active. This presidential election has easily been one of the most divisive campaigns in recent memory. Not only has the hostile rhetoric and blatant dishonesty split our country down the middle, American Christians have found themselves walking a fraying tightrope between a candidate they despise, and God’s command to love their neighbor. Some have even wondered if they should vote at all. So it was with a heavy heart that many people tuned in to watch the first presidential debate.


Most viewers probably had preconceived notions about the candidates before they saw the debate, and it’s unlikely these changed after an hour of fruitless dialogue. Still, as Christians, we find ourselves pondering how to respond after the dust has settled. Matthew Tennant, of Baptist News Global, believes we need to take ourselves out of the election mindset and approach things as peacekeepers rather than combatants,


“In Acts 15, Peter, Paul and James entered the Jerusalem Conference with different ideas about what is required to be a Christ-follower. After discussing the issue, the three leaders, along with others, arrived at an answer. Too often, politicians foster division, instead of finding solutions. The first presidential debate was no different. Theology rarely transitions smoothly into politics, but God does love the world (John 3:16). Therefore, policies that promote good for the world and the people in it are the most theologically sound.”


While reflecting on the presidential debate, Tennant counseled fellow believers to take theological action. His advice, along with that of Crosswalk editor Carrie Dedrick, can be found below in three unique responses,


Don’t Talk, Listen


“First, listen more. Paul Tillich writes, ‘In order to know what is just in a person-to-person encounter, love listens. It is its first task to listen.’ Knowing Christ means knowing the high value the biblical Jesus placed on listening. Neither candidate listened well to the other. Christians can model better listening, especially to those with whom they disagree.”


Don’t Fear


Carrie Dedrick writes,“How do we navigate such a time as this? By remembering that God is still sovereign. Don’t let the election distract you from the fact that God is more powerful than any human or group of people that comes against us...”


“Do not let the election get in the way of your faith. Instead, let the election serve as a time to grow closer to God than ever, trusting in Him, and relying on His provision.”


Demonstrate Christ


“Third, be the presence of Christ. Each person can look for opportunities to be the presence of Christ, especially during this divided season. Listening, reasoning, loving, sharing, and being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit will triumph if people do not let hatred and division win.”


This election is going to be tough, but we can’t let that change who Christ has called us to be. Regardless of the outcome in November, Christians must continue to share the gospel with joy and compassion. The Kingdom of Heaven is not dependent on an American leader, for if the Lord is with us who can be against us?


What about you? What were your thoughts during the presidential debate? Be sure to leave a comment in the section below.


Source: http://www.christianheadlines.com/tr...al-debate.html

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To all Americans, republicans or democrats, black or white or other, good or bad, and all who believe in God and family and country, and know our God is a forgiving God. We must make change now because the people in charge have failed us. So we must unite, regroup and turn back to God and the conservative way for answers and leadership (2nd Chronicles 7:14, King James Bible) before it's too late, so He will forgive our trespasses, mend our differences, and heal our lands showing us how to [right the wrongs] in this country.

The enemy is not at the gate! They are here among us and being bused in under dark, at night, around the country in vast numbers through a blind vetting system, because Obama and Hillary do not want you to see this insanity. They unleashed this evil on us and the world through their poor decisions and failures, and now they expect us to believe after all their mistakes and blunders they can fix it. No, they can't! They have gone [too] far.

God is our [only] hope now. Obama and Hillary have been blinded by the enemy and their own self-ambitions and personal interests, not ours. And that's easy to see and follow by [all] the lies and deception with the Iran deal and all the wheeling and dealing there that keeps changing which we're still finding out about, as well as this ridiculous immigration policies that have unfolded over the past couple of months. Where their failure to act in the middle east has totally created this chaos going on around the world, because they went against the better judgment and experience of our foreign affairs advisers in the House when trying to buy and manipulate peace – and they failed!

Obama and Hillary got in bed with the enemy and sold their soul, and if we follow them any further [many] of us will perish at the hands of the Enemy and God's wrath. This two-faced standard and denial of the democrats is everything God hates in our country today, and He will sit back and let the Enemy reek havoc if we don't turn back now. Let us not make that mistake! These two foolish politicians and their party have been blinded by their own dreams and fantasies of being the world's peacemakers, so Obama can go down in some history book and she becomes the first woman president. That seems to be all that [really] matters to these foolish people caught up in their own self-centered lies and power driven egomania - who continually show us they are not worthy. But, instead, willing to lie and deceive and [sell us all out] while letting the Enemy in the backdoor to lie, kill and destroy us all as they get those titles and whatever they want – sound familiar? God tells us the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy.

Several years ago in light of the Benghazi attack when Hillary and Obama let our soldiers and diplomats be killed and sacrificed by their failure to respond and send the troops available within range to rescue our people. It became all to clear to everyone they did not know how to handle foreign affairs and the defense of our country either, and we needed change and someone different to step in and shake things up next election so we could get rid of all these foolish people in charge of our lives and national security, and God gave us Trump! A self-made, teflon billionaire and [outsider] with a dislike for the problems being made for our country and foreign affairs. Who got in this race because he saw a need for better management, economic well-being and national security, and wanted to make things better knowing he couldn't be threatened, scared off and/or bought by money or the Washington cartel. And now many of you want to snivel, complain and back out [because he's not a politician], although you knew that. And he's rough around the edges and rude to men and women both to cut through all the BS from the bias news people and corrupt politicians that attack him regular, when Hillary Clinton has talked down and nasty to women and others too, and much worse. Which, all of, he endures everyday [for you] by the same unscrupulous democrat and republican scoundrels (politicians) you want out. So you're going to quit supporting Him and not vote now because he continues to be rude and politically incorrect to finish the job needed and what [you] wanted getting rid of these crooked people.

GET A GRIP, AMERCIA! Don't be fooled by the smoke screen of this democratic party and their lying media spin machine. All the petty personal behavior and indiscretions the democrats and Hillary claim Trump is guilty of, Hillary has done herself and much worse as you have seen in the tic-for-tact war in the news, if you're paying attention and listening to the non-bias News channels who air both sides of all issues. Therefore, give this a thought! Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, God answered our prayers and put Trump in this position for us? Even though he acts terrible still and doesn't realize it yet. God tells us [He] will use bad for good when fighting evil and the forces of darkness for us. Trump is not evil. But he is a sinner like the rest of us. However, he is also a national and international businessman and good family man who [cares] about family and country. Which God will use and forgive and change the heart of [for our sake] through this time and experience in office, if we seek His face and we pray for Trump and this country. We have seen God do this many times in the bible. Paul, our beloved disciple of Christ was a stone cold killer of Christians when God called him to serve. And other disciples were bad people too.

As a Christian you have a duty to God and country to stand up, vote and be counted. Not an option, is not voting during these elections [if you are a believer at all and able!] Because we might not get another chance to save our kids and family and country if Hillary and her liberal cronies get full control of the courts and justice department under the dark principalities of their rule. You see how they are [all] passing the buck and hiding things and changing the rules as they go to suit themselves with what influence and control they already have – where everybody gets immunity when they get caught from their crooked FBI connections! Who have also all been promised a ride along with her into the House to oversee the operations of our country if she gets elected, which she said herself in reference to their [good work] being done during a speech after the FBI's findings that didn't convict her for her crimes, if you were listening.

We can not sit back and let this pay-for-play-or-favor go on any longer – it's corrupting our legal system and national security, as well as foreign affairs. However, fear not, God is in control! But [He] wants to see [you] stand up and vote for the right values this Nation was built around to be the true leaders of the world we have always been. Where He continually forgave our sins and blessed our lands before we let the [basic principles] of family and country and taking care of those in need be pushed aside for personal gain and the agenda of others, removing honesty, decency and [Him] from the affairs of our Nation – and now look what a mess we've gotten into! That's the [real] test during this election. Not Trump or Hillary. Their lies and wicked ways are irrelevant at this point and time. They are just the smoke screen created by the one true [Enemy] of God to distract us, and [we] all know who that Enemy is really.

So the real issue should be an easy choice then, when you consider all the laws and events that have pushed God too far - where you only need ask yourself one question. Is destroying the sanctity of life and family, and opening our public bathrooms exposing kids and women to predators (like Bill Clinton) and the likes of perverts and other twisted people, the laws and values we should be voting for and [forced] to embrace? No! Hell no! So what other signs of ungodly things being passed and put into effect from the democratic far left under Obama and Hillary's rule do you need to see and be convinced of that shows you where the [real] darkness is and whose side their on? Maybe, the fact, that Obama now says too we are not a Christian nation anymore, we're a nation of immigrants, as he moves in tens-of-thousands of non-Christian foreigners to further divide our country and vote to keep the democratic party in power, while [leaving] thousands of Christians in the middle east unprotected to be slaughtered because he will not give them the weapons they need to fight ISIS, due to the local Muslims dislike for them and protest.

In view of all these truths and death, Trump and Pence and the conservative party is the [best] option we have at this time to regroup and restore our values, policies and military again while we figure out how to mend this country. So don't throw stones at Trump and ignore the conservative party, because Pence is God's hand in this deal to humble Donald Trump, as well as His family. Pray instead! We are where we are today because we did not pray enough and let this mess happen by turning away from God and moral decency letting these liberals and the Enemy remove God from the sovereignty of this country to push their own dark agenda, and those of twisted people who hate God and don't really care about our lives or values - which we turned a blind eye to and/or never cared to vote, change or stop before now...because we thought somebody else would! However, it's not too late! Vote Trump and Pence, and trust God! Believe it or not, this is God's country! If you don't believe that and you have an ear-to-hear and an eye-to-see. Check it out for yourself before you turn a blind eye again. Many are, because God has allowed a period of time to [remove the blinders] from the eyes and ears of the world who search for Him so they can read and hear the Word of God at this timeto understand the bible, prophecy and the book of Revelation. He wants you to comparewhat it saysaboutcurrent events around the world [and]the interpretations of the prophets by some of the great theologianswho broadcast all of today's worldly affairs and events regularlyto compare them with the bible for all to see and know, God is the One and only true God, Who knows the future, and the end...because He created it.As well aswhat's to come of things if we do not turn backto Him. Read it and weep – or read and believe and receive the salvation of the Lord (Romans 10:9-10 King James Bible). It's [Your] choice!It's all there to see and understand.

If you agree with this opinion of faith, please share with everyone -God bless.

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