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Russia sells Iran $21 billion in aircraft and satellites

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by Allen West


Yesterday morning I picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal and the cover picture told quite the story. It was from the Monday meeting between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. The photo captured the moment when Obama extended his hand and Putin just looked at him. It was a very telling moment considering what’s happening around the world — Russian resurgence, American recalcitrance. It was President Obama who early in his first term stated to the Iranians that he would offer his hand if they would unclench their fist. Well, look what that got us?


As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “Iran has purchased $21 billion worth of Russian satellite technology and aircraft, according to Iranian officials. An Iranian delegation reportedly visited Russia’s MAKS-2015 air show and signed an agreement to purchase the equipment, according to Sputnik, which quoted Iranian officials.


“There is a large share of contracts for the purchase of this type of aircraft,” Manouchehr Mantegh, an Iranian technology and aviation official, reportedly disclosed, according to Sputnik. This includes “satellite-related equipment” and the Sukhoi Superjet, a twin-engine passenger plane, according to the report. The official did not reveal the total number of jets to be purchased.Tehran has expressed interest in the past in purchasing this type of hardware from the Russians.


Meanwhile, a senior Iranian official on Tuesday emphasized the country’s commitment to destroying its enemies. Iran will deliver a “crushing response” to any country that attempts to wage war against it, General Seyed Ali Mehrabi, lieutenant commander of Iran’s Army Ground Force for Operations, was quoted as saying by the country’s state-controlled Fars News Agency. “The enemy is aware that Iran is an important place for all Muslims and an influential country in the region and even the world, given its great capacities,” Mehrabi was quoted as saying.”


Ok, this is what I want you all to try and digest. Obama puts economic sanctions on Russia because of its actions in Crimea and Ukraine. Obama lifts economic sanctions on the Iranians who are the number one state sponsor of Islamic terror, unfreezing assets to the tune of $150 billion. And Obama convinces 42 Senate Democrats to filibuster the vote on the Resolution of Disapproval for the Iranian nuclear deal — despite the non-disclosure of the Iranian side deals. So in essence, the 42 Democrats and Barack Obama are guilty of violating U.S. Code by providing material support and comfort, aiding and abetting a terrorist state…what are the consequences?


Here are the consequences. Iran knows Obama has been able to outmaneuver the American people and will unilaterally decide to give them $150 billion. Iranian officials travel to Russia to spend $21 billion on new satellite technology and aircraft — still leaves Iran with a cool $129 billion.


The Russians, who are supposed to be under economic sanctions implemented by Obama, get $21 billion in assets unfrozen by Obama which supports their economy. Hey, you just cannot make this stuff up. It’s like watching a very bad episode of “As the World Turns” which is affecting the “Days of Our Lives.” And as Obama extends his hand to a seemingly disinterested Putin, Iranian military leaders are speaking with boldness — any of our generals speaking with such power?


President Obama has worked to diminish American leadership and power globally. His focus has been on crushing political opposition to his fundamental transformation. Sadly, Barack Obama takes more delight in undermining and destroying the principle foundations of this Constitutional Republic.


Leaders such as Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Hasan Rouhani realize this and they thank the Almighty God that the American people were so foolish to vote for President Obama and his empty soaring emotional rhetoric — now we know as lies – not just once, but reelect him after we knew everything about President Obama was centered around scandal and failure. It’s as if America put a gun to its head, pulled the trigger, and only got a really bad headache — so decided to do it again in order to finish the job. Our enemies don’t have to do anything since we willingly placed the gun to our own head.


Hey folks, stop and think about this — and I don’t know if liberal progressives are capable of doing that task. Can anyone actually say we’re better off than we were? No way our unemployment is at 5 percent. No way we have a stable, effective free enterprise economy — ours is struggling and based on the whims of Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellin.


Consider this, President Barack Obama would rather shut down the entire U.S. federal government so a private sector not for profit organization making a $1 billion profit can continue to get money from the government to kill American babies, harvest, and sell their body parts. He shows more righteous indignation towards anyone displaying the simplest standards of morality than he does towards our enemies.


We borrow money from China — another adversary building an archipelago in the South China Sea with military armaments — in order to sustain the welfare nanny-state dependency society. We are now relieving economic sanctions on a terrorist state so it can spend money supporting a country that has invaded a sovereign State — against whom we have instituted economic sanctions. Heck, we are kicking a Special Forces Soldier out of the Army for kicking an Afghan police chief pedophile who is probably paid by U.S. taxpayer dollars.


Y’all know, there is only one word for all of this — FUBAR!

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