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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  2. Nitpick: The Subject line refers to the "less evil person," but the post itself is about POLICIES. This is not a complaint. IMO, we need to vote for the person we believe will promote the least-evil policies, and basically hold our noses in regard to their personal character. This is not a theocracy or theonomy, so I don't expect leaders to base policy decisions on Christian principles. There must be sound secular reasons to promote or oppose legislation. In that light, I do not have strong views on either gay marriage or drug legalization, in terms of public policy. I believe the Church should oppose both, but that is a separate matter. I lean toward the idea that drugs, including marijuana, are harmful, but pragmatically speaking, prohibition did not work well in regard to alcohol, so... Abortion is another matter. One need not be a Christian to oppose killing innocent defenseless humans. I never vote for a candidate that I know to not be Pro-Life. That rules out virtually all Democrats, some Republicans, and most Libertarians (the party does not call itself "Pro-Choice," but their official stated position is exactly that, while eschewing the label). Honestly, even voting for most supposedly "Pro-Life" candidates is a huge moral compromise, since most of them are officially ok with killing babies conceived by rape or incest, or with leaving it up to individual States to determine when killing babies is ok.
  3. If/when they get into office couldn't they just as easily remove the military from our borders as well?
  4. You're so right. I can't see where any of these Gagas and Modonnas can sing a single note . But I guess the oldies but goodies that gave us such great music are all slowly leaving us by now.
  5. I personally prefer putting Military's on all our borders, all walls come down when liberals get into office.
  6. I am grateful that our kids can see right through the phoney democrats . As a matter of fact I have yet to meet even meet one single person that is voting for any of these anti American rag tags ! But we can't make any assumptions in thinking that Mr. Trump is a win-win for 2020. In other words we can't leave our guard down and believe these pseudo polls that have the socialist leading who want to make us eat veggie burgers and run a four minuet mile because cars will no longer exist, win this election. This is ONE that is a MUST-WIN for the conservatives . M
  7. I briefly read there is a new allegation of sexual misconduct against him and that Sanders, Harris, Warren and Castro want him impeached. https://news.yahoo.com/trump-defends-brett-kavanaugh-amid-new-sexual-misconduct-allegations-says-the-lies-being-told-about-him-are-unbelievable-154125579.html Let's bring back Robert Mueller and have a long drawn out 2 year investigation about these new allegations. Let's spend tens of millions of dollars for this witch hunt....ahem ... pursuit of all the facts. Let's get the FBI involved and dedicate their full resources in this investigation. Let's have endless interviews. Etc., etc., etc.
  8. It's going to be very hard, for christianity is out of style here in the USA. Thanks, to the LGBTQ movement and liberal leadership. 🤒
  9. I believe, if Pence was running for the presidency and Trump for the vice president, 3 years ago. They would had lost to Hillary.
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  11. Hello S.T., I agree and disagree with the above. I agree that is what James 2 speaks of, but not what Romans 4 speaks of. Romans 4:5 connects all Christians to the justification spoken of Abraham in Romans 4:3. TDNT: Paul in his conflict with judaising Christianity finds in Abraham an example of the man who is justified by faith alone (R.4:1 ff.; Gl. 3:6 ff.), and can thus see in Christians both of Jewish and Gentile descent the true children of Abraham and heirs of the Abrahamic promise (1:9, Abraham, Joachim Jeremias).
  12. Personally, I like the brown ales and stouts more than anything. I have brewed the caribou slobber from northern brewer a couple of times with good results. I have a couple kits I received last Christmas I was able to brew yet. Hopefully, when things cool down here they will still be good. The kits I have are a porter and an ale.
  13. Could president Trump, and vice president Pence, be the last christians presidents in office?
  14. At least 44 bodies stuffed in over 100 bags discovered buried in well in Mexico WWW.FOXNEWS.COM Authorities in Mexico have identified at least 44 bodies that were discovered among over... The vast majority of the bodies were cut up, so authorities had to piece together different parts in order to properly identify them, according to the BBC. Authorities are investigating if there is a link between the mass grave and the discovery of six bodies at an organized crime safehouse in August, Mexico News Daily reported.
  15. Hi guys, and thanks, William, for the warm welcome. Having only a short time before we leave for the service, I will try, hurriedly, to just open up the discussion with hopefully a more pointed focus on the OP. First, our goal is "steer" directly toward an understanding of Eternal Redemption, rather than away from it. If we are "steering away" from anything it would be the popular notion that the Justification of Romans 4 and James 2 have an eternal context in regards to Eternal Salvation. In other words, Abraham was justified through his belief, faith, and works (and in that order), but he died not having received the Promise/s God made to man in the Old Testament. Hence, as the OP points out, he was declared "righteous" yet Scripture declares "There is none righteous, no...not one." The simple solution is that when righteousness is spoken of in Romans 3 there is in view the righteousness of God and of Christ in comparison to men. In Romans 4 and James 2 there is a comparison of Abraham's standing among men. Noah was "righteous," yet he died still in need of the Messiah that would later be progressively revealed to men.
  16. In answer to your question at this present time, no. I am not sure yet how this thing will pan out. When the CCP takes full control in less than 30 years then say good-bye to religious freedom. I believe the best way for them to revolt is to leave. See post #2. https://www.christforums.com/forums/topic/27165-hong-kong-demonstration-draws-crowd-of-more-than-17-million-against-government-orders/?tab=comments#comment-96106
  17. I'd never ask anyone to go to war and sacrifice their life if I wasn't willing to. Let me ask you this Faber while looking and surveying Hong Kong protestors are you willing to give your life for what they are protesting and not only yourself but also your children? How about millions of others? In my opnion the "We" won't defeat an Asian nation. If history serves a purpose then I think it a fair observation that'd we have to drop another "bomb" or eradicate every man woman and child. Sorry, I see no evidence for want of Christian intervention here. And by suggesting Soli Deo Gloria I was speaking of a glory given for salvation to God. The only true freedom which politics or other men cannot grant.
  18. I think other things can have glory in a limited sense. The American flag is referred to as Old Glory. The glory of sons are their fathers (Proverbs 17:6), Solomon possessed glory (Matthew 6:29), a woman's hair (1 Corinthians 11:15), the sun, moon and stars possess a certain kind of glory (1 Corinthians 15:41), the face of Moses as well (2 Corinthians 3:7). Generally speaking I think the people of Hong Kong know that the losing of certain freedoms will eventually lead to the loss of others such as religious freedom. I think they are asking the USA to pressure China (in trade) to allow them to be guaranteed certain rights that can not be infringed upon. I agree with Matthew 5:44, but I also believe there comes a time to fight the existing authority when it becomes too intrusive and diabolical - German citizens resting the Nazi's in Germany (WW2) and even John Brown just before the US Civil War.
  19. Glory to Hong Kong? That's the kinda view that makes me cringe. Soli Deo Gloria! Which brings me to question the American flag wavers there in Hong Kong. How many are protesting the right to practice Christianity? What kinda support do they ask for? Another Vietnam? How about something Scriptural? Matthew 5:44
  20. Just curious, have you observed countries such as the Netherlands which have legalized a list of narcotics that'd make every junky's mouth water here in America? I'm withholding my opinion here and just asking whether you've observed the negative and what escapes me as the positive effects of legalizing drugs? Coming out of California, the Santa Cruz area to be specific, and living with the new Marijuana laws [which are still a federal crime] I'd hate to see it come to my state. Ask me and I'll provide my observation and not an opinion for others to decide whether such observation is testable and repeatable with dire effects in their areas. I'll interject my opinion now and just say I'd rather follow in the footsteps of the war against drugs as the President of the Philippines has declared if it weren't for that pesky thing called "due process". I get the Libertarian view but I reject it. I realize Government is going to exists to the degree I disagree and that the Government needs to be limited by the Constitution [Constitutional Republican). If you want to get Biblical then there's not many other purposes for Government other than the God ordained right to seek out evil and combat it with the sword. Let's oppose the highway robbery [sarcasm towards infrastructure etc] and everything else man desires to impose on other men because they think "that's a good idea".
  21. Any brew kits you recommend? I also prefer wheat beer. Was looking at some kits online: Home Brewing Starter Kits - Northern Brewer WWW.NORTHERNBREWER.COM Get started with a beginner homebrewing starter kit! Each beer brewing starter kit includes the equipment you'll need to brew your own beer at home.
  22. If we followed more closely to biblical laws there would be a lot fewer people in prison, as those who committed crimes that required the death penalty would no longer be alive. Including rape, murder, etc... Now people who are in prison because they decided to drink, smoke, take drugs, etc... don't necessarily belong there, unless of course they ended up doing something stupid as a result of their choice. That's where things get a little fuzzy when it comes to the legal system. If we actually modeled our laws after the bible there were be a lot fewer people in prison.
  23. E Morales


    This is a good message that applies to nonbelievers, believers, and all leaders, yes even pastors. Preachers, taken advantage of their members comes to my mind.
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